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When a dental emergency strikes, whether it be a chipped tooth, cracked tooth, tooth that has been knocked out, bleeding of the gums, or intense pain, acting fast is the best way to prevent long-term oral health concerns and to resolve the emergency as soon as possible. Our team at Infinity Dental Excellence in Grandville is ready and able to treat your dental emergency efficiently and effectively, and has been providing emergency dentistry services to patients for years.

Our team also leverages today’s best emergency dentistry treatment protocols and techniques for diagnosing dental emergencies, helping our patients get relief from pain associated with dental emergencies and avoiding worsening oral health concerns.

Act Fast To Treat Dental Emergencies

Acting quickly when a dental emergency occurs is the absolute best way to ensure a fast recovery, which helps prevent minor oral health concerns from developing into more severe oral health problems down the line. Chipped and cracked teeth, for example, can open the door to oral infections and other conditions that are avoidable by having the emergency addressed immediately. When a tooth is cracked or chipped, be sure to try to collect the pieces of the tooth that have chipped off, as these can sometimes be reattached at your dentist’s office. If any bleeding has occurred, place a warm, damp towel on the bleeding area. If this bleeding persists, make your way to the emergency room as soon as possible.

How Infinity Dental Excellence in Grandville Treats Dental Emergencies:

  • Quick Diagnosis – Our team begins by quickly identifying the dental emergency at hand and quickly develops the appropriate treatment plan. We take advantage of the newest dental technologies for identifying how we can best treat the emergency at hand.
  • Pain Relief – For patients in pain, our team will then address any pain or discomfort the patient is experiencing; this may include sedation if the patient is experiencing a great deal of pain.
  • Experienced Emergency Dentists – Our emergency dentists have seen it all, and have years of combined experience in providing patients with fast and effective emergency care. No matter what kind of dental emergency you’re experiencing, our team in Grandville is ready to respond!
  • We’re ready and willing to treat your dental emergency!

To reiterate, fast thinking is key to ensuring a positive outcome from a dental emergency, and the sooner you can be seen by your dentist, the better. If you’ve experiencing tooth chipping, severe tooth pain, or other emergency dentistry symptoms, make your way to our office in Grandville immediately for an emergency appointment.

Emergency Dentistry Appointment Steps:

  1. To begin, our team will assess your dental emergency and pinpoint exactly which emergency treatments you’re in need of. We will also address any pain you are experiencing with sedation or other methods to help you relax as much as possible while your dental emergency is addressed. 
  2. Then, our team will formulate a treatment plan while also assessing the condition your mouth and teeth are currently in, and then perform any immediately-needed treatments such as the removable of foreign objects from the mouth. 
  3. Finally, our team will provide the full emergency treatments you require, whether this be a tooth extraction, root canal, bonding to fix chipped teeth, or other treatment.

Emergency Dentistry FAQs:

Common questions patients will often have regarding emergency dentistry appointments can include:

1. How soon after a dental emergency occurs should I have it treated?

When a dental emergency occurs, it’s always best to have the emergency treated immediately to avoid any long-term oral health complications stemming from this emergency. Always see a dentist as soon as you can when experiencing emergency symptoms. 

2. Can broken, chipped, and cracked teeth be fixed?

A chipped or broken tooth can open the door for infections and bacteria to find their way into the mouth. When a tooth chips or cracks, be sure to collect the broken or cracked pieces of tooth fragment as these teeth can potentially be fixed through cosmetic tooth bonding. 

3. Can people from out of town still come in for an emergency dentistry appointment?

If you’re from our of town, you can still come in and see our team in Grandville for an emergency dentistry appointment!

4. What should I do before being seen for my dental emergency?

Before coming in to see our team for an emergency dentistry appointment, there are steps that can and should be taken to ensure the best outcome from your emergency appointment – if any bleeding is occurring, place a warm, damp towel on the bleeding area and make your way to our office. If the bleeding is severe, make your way to the emergency room. For teeth that have fallen out, pick up the tooth and place it back in its socket facing the correct way. If the tooth cannot be replaced immediately, place the tooth in a glass of cold milk and make your way to our office in Grandville. 

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